Tribute to Jons & Andrew

Jonathans Restaurant was founded by The Two Jons on their return to England after spending many years working in South Africa, Baker was a hard working engineer, Bedford studied & dealt in antiques. The premises where they opened Jonathans in 1977 was Andrew Frost meets Serendipity, on his way into business one morning, Andrew spotted the For Sale sign going up at 16 Wolverhampton Road, he instantly telephoned The Two Jons and the rest as they say, is history.

There is a lot more to this fascinating story, watch this space for updates!

The original and famous Jonathans Restaurant was established just about a half a mile away from here in October 1977 and was to many celebrities and discerning diners alike, their favourite eating out experience, to name drop the famous people that came to Jonathans Restaurant would take pages & pages.

Jonathans in the Park and Jonathans in the Roundhouse have graciously received permission to prefix the name Jonathans from Mr. Jonathan Baker and we aim to continue in the tradition of Jonathans by delivering unique and masterfully created Great British dishes for our customers to savour. Had the other Jonathan, Mr. Jonathan Bedford survived until now I feel certain that he would be here alongside us giving guidance and support too.

Thank you the 'Jons' - lifelong mentors.

"Jonathans in the Park has graciously received permission to prefix the name Jonathans from Mr. Jonathan Baker"

When you visit Jonathans in the Park you will notice some of the original antiques and curios from Jonathans that have found their way to us, also the beautiful hand drawn artwork of Mr. Andrew Frost that adorned Jonathans’ menus and The Jonathans Times for thirty plus years have been specially recreated for us by Andrew himself.

Thank you Andrew.

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There is no on-site parking, however there is some on-street parking around the building. The nearest car park is Arena Birmingham

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